Our Journey

What started as a simple hashtag [#liftabetterlife] - empowering others to lift life, physically gradually grew into a way of life. As of June 2020 an official black owned business, private owned & operated. Our humble mission is to encourage all people to come together as a whole as we aim to lift life in every aspect such as mentally, spiritually or emotionally, rather than just physically. 


 Lablworldwide, LLC (Lift A Better Life Worldwide) is a way of life - a worldwide community of individuals that identify with our 4 foundational pillars of a better life; [Unity, Faith, Equality, Empowerment]. Our 1of1 unity logo represents our message to the fullest extent as it shows multiple cultures in one hand lifting life. As a millennial, I firmly believe we are shaping the world as we know it and this is my way of building my own black history.